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Acupuncture License Lookup

Licensing requirements for Acupuncturists vary from State to State, and several States do no require acupuncturists to be licensed at all. To facilitate the license verification status of acupuncture practitioners, many States provide Acupuncture License Lookup web tools as detailed below. License lookup tools for other types of health practitioners can be found at Health License Lookup or, for lookup tools organized by State, at U.S. Medical License Lookup.

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  • Arizona Acupuncture License Lookup
  • Arkansas Acupuncturists Lookup
  • California Acupuncture License Lookup
  • Colorado License Lookup (includes Acupuncture)
  • Connecticut Health License Lookup
  • Delaware License Verification
  • District of Columbia License Search
  • Florida License Search (includes Acupuncture)
  • Georgia License Lookup (includes Acupuncture)
  • Hawaii License Verification (includes Acupuncture)
  • Idaho Health License Lookup (includes Acupuncture)

  • Illinois License Lookup (including Acupuncture)
  • Indiana License Search (includes Acupuncture)
  • Iowa Acupuncture License Lookup
  • Kentucky Acupuncture License Search
  • Louisiana Acupuncture License Lookup
  • Maine License Lookup (includes Acupuncture)
    see "Complementary Healthcare" for acupuncturists
  • Maryland Acupuncture License Lookup
  • Massachusetts Health License Search
  • Michigan License Search (includes Acupuncture)
  • Missouri License Search (includes Acupuncture)
  • Montana License Lookup (includes Acupuncture)
  • Nebraska Health License Lookup
    see "Medicine" for acupuncturists

  • Nevada Acupuncture Licensee List
  • New Jersey Acupuncture License Lookup
  • New Mexico Acupuncture License Search
  • New York License Verification (includes Acupuncture)
  • North Carolina Acupuncture License Lookup (N/A)
  • Ohio Medical License Search (includes Acupuncture)
  • Oregon Acupuncture License Lookup
  • Pennsylvania License Search (includes Acupuncture)
    see "Medicine" for acupuncturists
  • Rhode Island License Lookup (includes Acupuncture)
  • South Carolina Acupuncture License Verification
    see "Medical" for acupuncturists
  • Tennessee License Lookup (includes Acupuncture)
  • Texas Acupuncture License Lookup
  • Utah License Verification (includes Acupuncture)
  • Vermont License Verification (includes Acupuncture)
  • Virginia License Lookup (includes Acupuncture)
  • Washington License Lookup (includes Acupuncture)
  • Wisconsin License Lookup (includes Acupuncture)

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